Govt Crackdown on unlicensed vehicles and bikers

Govt Crackdown

Mohsin Naqvi crackdown against underage drivers:

Nowadays young boys are driving bikes too much due to which a lot of accidents keep happening and to control this issue the government has taken a very good step.

On behalf of the Government of Punjab, all the youth below 18 years of age will not drive the bike, especially they have been completely stopped from driving the bike on the road so that they can avoid accidents and do not become the cause of any death.

On the instructions of Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi, the crackdown is on against the underage drivers who drive vehicles and bikes without a license.

Average ration of challans in youth :

During the last one week, more than 19,000 underage drivers were issued challans for driving vehicles or motorcycles without a license across the province, including Lahore.The highest number of cases recorded are from Lahore city and along with it Faisalabad Okra is also included, this is the area where youth below 18 years of age drive bikes without a license.

This year, a total of more than 81,000 challans were issued for underage drivers in all districts of the province, more than 2,100 cases were registered against underage drivers in all districts of the province and 3,500 motorcycles or vehicles were impounded in police stations.

IG Punjab’s action against unlicensed youth :

IG Punjab says that legal action will be taken against parents who give cars and motorcycles to underage drivers, RPOs, DPOs and District Traffic Police officers should crack down indiscriminately because vehicles and motorcycles.IG Punjab’s specialist declares total ban on triple ride paper, no motorcycle rider can drive with triple ride on the road without a license .

Young drivers who ride bicycles do not deserve any discount, such young drivers cause danger to the lives of other citizens, speed guns have also been installed in major districts including Lahore to bring the drivers who are over speeding under the grip of the law.

CTO Lahore’s note on bike driving :

CTO Lahore has said that 30 license offices, 10 mobile vans and 03 centers are open 24 hours in the city. Even on holidays, all license offices in the city are open as usual.

don’t let them ride motorcycles, parents are responsible for their children’s future, creating a criminal record can cause problems in getting government jobs and visas, now FIR will be registered against underage drivers, parents should do their responsibility and Never allow young children to drive.

Government of Punjab bans triple riding :

Nowadays, accidents are increasing due to smog, due to which the Government of Punjab has announced that triple ridership should be made completely on bikes so that maximum accidents can be avoided from today. All the bike holders should be more than 18 years of age and if all the bike holders have a license then they should be able to ride the bike on the road.

Under this suggestion, there will be a reduction in triple riding on the road in bike riding and most of all it will reduce the translation. The government will take strong action against the use of helmet. A challan will also be issued against the person who does not use helmet on the bike. Fuji foundation jobs



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