Football Club Kids Club Manning Taekwondo Players’ Belt Promotion Ceremony

Football Club Kids Club Manning Players’ Belt Promotion Ceremony :

Fit Soul Kids Club Menang Taekwondo Players’ Belt Promotion Ceremony was held in which Young Taekwondo Players participated. In the Belt and Motion Ceremony, Young Boys and Girls Taekwondo Players also showed their skills.

And yellow belts were given in a colorful ceremony to Ali Ejaz, CEO of Foot Soul Kids Club, CEO Rubina Ali, Chief Coach Nadeem Ali Janjua Black Belt Fourth Dan (WTF, Korea) and Khawar Mehmood Black Belt Fourth Dan (WT). F, Korea) was attended by the families of the players.

At the end of the ballot promotion ceremony, the chief guests, President Ali Ejaz and CEO Rubina Ali of Foot Soul Kids Club, distributed ballots and head certificates among the successful players.

Self Defense in Kids Squad :

Kamil Mahmood got the red belt, Abdul Rehman and Sadaf got the blue belt, Abdul Rafi and Subhan got the green belt, Alyan, Manahil, Anaya and Zineer got the yellow belt. Speaking at the closing ceremony, the president of Fitsol Kids Club, Ali Ijaz, said that the spirit of the junior players was seen.

I am very happy, these children are the guarantee of the future of our strong and bright Pakistan, drugs and other social evils can be avoided only by promoting Taekwondo and other sports. It also helps in composition and psychological training.

Role of self defense in women :

Self defense is very important for any woman because in today’s era if someone does not do self defense then it is a big mistake for him.Especially for girls who are college university students, it is very important for them to have self-defense so that they can worship themselves.

Rubina Ali, Chief Executive Officer of Fit Soul Kids Club, is the most important need of the hour by raising awareness of self-defense among girls. Through the sport of Taekwondo, girls are able to protect themselves.

Taekwondo is a safe sport for girls, it makes girls physically fit. Both mentally and physically are strong and martial arts instills self-confidence in the girls, due to which they are able to protect themselves in any emergency. Football Club new TB cases

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